#9_From supply chain transparency to mandatory due diligence: The struggle is just beginning…

Most recently, lawmaking initiatives for a new European Union directive on mandatory due diligence in the supply chain have gained some prominence in the media and press. The proponents of this new regulation suggest combating the organized irresponsibility in transnational business operations as far as labour standards violations are concerned. In short, multinational corporations shouldContinue reading “#9_From supply chain transparency to mandatory due diligence: The struggle is just beginning…”

#8_Digital labour inspection: Just a fancy or a real innovation?

Across the social sciences, the digital economy gets widespread attention for understanding the social organization of work in the present, and even more so in the future. Most of the debate is driven by projections based on the potentialities of the newest generation of information and communication technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learningContinue reading “#8_Digital labour inspection: Just a fancy or a real innovation?”

#7_What are (global) labour standards?

Global labour standards protect, empower, and promote those who work in the workplace and beyond. Engaging with why and how global labour standards are created and enforced requires a proper understanding of what they are. This, however, is a much more difficult question to answer than expected at first sight and usually not answered byContinue reading “#7_What are (global) labour standards?”

#5_How to organize labour inspection best?

Compliance with labour standards is marked by a strange simultaneity of labour inspection’s formal stringency and of its practical failure. On the one hand, various international and national agencies are equipped with the formal authority of labour law to ensure proper working conditions on paper, on the other hand, countless scandals about violations are makingContinue reading “#5_How to organize labour inspection best?”

#4_The Covid lesson: Risks and dangers of violating labour standards

In many countries, media are full of mass infection cases in workplaces such as parcel delivery centers or meat packaging plants, but also elderly care homes, hospitals and schools. End of April, after a series of service delivery centers’ worker protests, even the resignation of a high-ranking business executive made global headlines: Tim Bray, AmazonContinue reading “#4_The Covid lesson: Risks and dangers of violating labour standards”