#14_Between a rock and a hard place: Labour migration and workers’ rights

While for many people the experience of moving across borders is beneficial for personal development, inter-cultural learning, innovation and similar positive things, not all of these movements happen to be voluntary; and not everybody weighs the social, cultural, and economic opportunities of cross-border movements in the same way against their possible costs and burdens. Especially,Continue reading “#14_Between a rock and a hard place: Labour migration and workers’ rights”

#7_What are (global) labour standards?

Global labour standards protect, empower, and promote those who work in the workplace and beyond. Engaging with why and how global labour standards are created and enforced requires a proper understanding of what they are. This, however, is a much more difficult question to answer than expected at first sight and usually not answered byContinue reading “#7_What are (global) labour standards?”

#1_Why a LIB: Labour Inspection blog?

There is an irritating paradox marking the global situation around labour standards and their enforcement: Despite a growing number of initiatives and recommendations for various policy instruments, the widespread violation of basic industrial human rights continues to be a profound challenge of the world’s social development as defined in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the ILO_InternationalContinue reading “#1_Why a LIB: Labour Inspection blog?”