#3_Labour inspection in global value creation networks?

While the deepening of the trade in services and goods has surely enriched global economic development in various ways, its accompanying international division of labour comes along with a widespread and ongoing violation of global labour standards. Apparently, even more so as recent decades have seen the rise of network forms in coordinating economic activitiesContinue reading “#3_Labour inspection in global value creation networks?”

#2_Posted work in Europe

Posted workers are sent across borders to work for clients in another country than their home country. Posted workers are predominantly found in agriculture and food-processing industries such as meat-packaging, the construction sector and the medical and elderly care sector, but also have been deployed in other segments of manufacturing and services. For the EuropeanContinue reading “#2_Posted work in Europe”

#1_Why a LIB: Labour Inspection blog?

There is an irritating paradox marking the global situation around labour standards and their enforcement: Despite a growing number of initiatives and recommendations for various policy instruments, the widespread violation of basic industrial human rights continues to be a profound challenge of the world’s social development as defined in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the ILO_InternationalContinue reading “#1_Why a LIB: Labour Inspection blog?”