#12_Labour standards and NGOs: Civil society’s watchdogs or corporate puppets?

Non-governmental organizations (NGO) figure prominently in almost all debates around labour standards these days. This has not been always the case and may already be indicative of a shift towards private governance in many areas concerning the enforcement of labour standards more broadly. However, there are various types of NGOs with profound differences raising doubtsContinue reading “#12_Labour standards and NGOs: Civil society’s watchdogs or corporate puppets?”

#11_Managing labour standards? Reporting, auditing and certifying

How does management engage with upholding labour standards and workers’ rights? For some, this is even a murky question: Isn’t it management and corporate interests which is causing all the troubles around labour standard violations in a short-sighted quest for economic gain and profit? And isn’t it the responsibility of states (pushed by unions, andContinue reading “#11_Managing labour standards? Reporting, auditing and certifying”